Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Okanagan Falls

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Near You

Wisdom teeth removals are routine dental procedures that involve surgically extracting one or more teeth. These wisdom teeth often cause pain, infection, and other oral health problems. Our dentists can provide a solution to these issues with wisdom teeth extractions in Okanagan Falls.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Okanagan Falls

What are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth extractions refer to the surgical removal of the third set of molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth. The procedure is usually carried out by either an oral surgeon or a dentist with expertise in extractions, and it may involve local or general anesthesia to guarantee the patient’s comfort during the process.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are often removed for various reasons. They can become impacted, meaning they don’t fully emerge through the gum, leading to potential pain, infection, or damage to surrounding teeth. Additionally, wisdom teeth may cause alignment issues, crowding, or cyst formation. Removing them is preventive, addressing potential complications before they arise and promoting overall oral health.

The choice to extract wisdom teeth is usually based on an assessment by our dentists in Okanagan Falls, considering factors such as the size of the jaw, the angle of the teeth, and the potential for future problems.

The Extraction Procedure Explained

Wisdom teeth extraction begins with the dentist administering anesthesia to numb the area. A small incision is made in the gum to access the wisdom tooth and, if necessary, a part of the bone covering the tooth. The dentist then carefully removes the tooth, sometimes dividing it for easier extraction.

After extraction, the site is cleaned, and stitches may be placed. Gauze is applied to control bleeding, and the patient receives post-operative instructions, including information on managing pain and swelling. Follow-up appointments with our dentists in Okanagan Falls ensure proper healing.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Okanagan Falls

If you suspect you may have wisdom teeth that require removal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is ready to provide optimal care and unmatched results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our dentists near you!