Dental Fillings in Okanagan Falls

Dental Fillings Near You

Dental fillings are restorative materials used by our dentists in Okanagan Falls to repair teeth damaged by cavities or decay. Fillings restore the tooth’s structure and functionality and help prevent further decay, preserving overall oral health.

Dental Fillings in Okanagan Falls

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are materials utilized to restore and repair teeth that have been compromised by cavities or decay, helping to prevent further deterioration and restoring the tooth’s functionality and structure. Many materials are used to create dental fillings, each with its unique characteristics and applications. The main types of dental filling materials include amalgam, composite resin, porcelain, gold, ceramic, and glass ionomer.

What are the Benefits of Dental Fillings?

You may wish to consider acquiring dental fillings Okanagan Falls if any of the following apply to your dental case:

  • Aesthetic Improvement. Tooth-coloured fillings blend with natural teeth, enhancing aesthetics and restoring your radiant smile.
  • Cavity Restoration. Fillings restore teeth affected by cavities, preventing further decay. Additionally, this restoration can improve functionality, allowing for normal biting and chewing.
  • Tooth Preservation. Fillings help preserve the natural structure of a tooth by removing decayed material.
  • Prevention of Tooth Sensitivity. Fillings seal off exposed dentin, reducing sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

Process of Receiving Dental Fillings Explained

The process of receiving dental fillings involves the following steps:

  1. Our dentists in Okanagan Falls examine the tooth, often with the help of x-rays, to identify the presence of cavities or decay.
  2. Local anesthesia is administered to help create a pain-free experience.
  3. Using a dental drill or laser, our dentists remove the decaying portion of the tooth, leaving a clean and prepared cavity.
  4. Our dentists shape the tooth’s cavity to create a space to which the filling material can securely affix.
  5. Our dentists select the appropriate filling material based on considerations such as the size and location of the cavity and patient preferences.
  6. The selected filling material is placed into the prepared cavity. The filling is then shaped and contoured to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a proper bite.
  7. Our dentists inspect the filling, make any necessary adjustments, and polish the surface to enhance the appearance and ensure nothing hinders your bite.

Dental Fillings in Okanagan Falls

At Okanagan Dental, our dentists near you are dedicated to giving the most personalized and highest-quality care plan. With the help of dental fillings, our dental professionals can help bring back your bright and confident smile. Contact our office today to arrange a consultation and find out if dental fillings suit you.